Career and Technical Education

Haines City High School offers students a wide array of opportunity to learn trade skills in a variety of academies.  Students work through rigorous programs learning skills that are marketable and employable to their chosen industry.  Industry certification opportunities are available for students to further enhance their marketability.  Students have the opportunity to work with community partners to learn and apply their skills learned in the classroom to real-world situations.  Scroll down to learn more about the HCHS Career Academies!

Academy of Children’s Educational Studies

The Academy of Children’s Educational Studies provides students with a skill-based curriculum and hands-on experience so they are equipped with job specific knowledge, skills and credentials to enable employment in career fields that focus on children. The Early Childhood Education classes in ACES provide classroom and practical experiences necessary to meet the cognitive, physical, social and emotional needs of children from infancy to preschool. Students transfer theories learned in the classroom into practice by working side-by-side with Child Development Associate Teachers to nurture and instruct the children in our school’s childcare program.

Contact: Mrs. Marin

Academy of Media of Productions

The Academy of Media Production is housed at Haines City High School in the Polk County School District. AMP Academy provides a rigorous four-year program designed to give students current technical information, real-world training, and industry certifications in the fields of Digital Design which will lead to Yearbook, TV Production, and Web Design. AMP Academy students will have the opportunity to choose which path they want to follow and will be given everything they need to make them successful on their chosen path. AMP Academy also offers classes in the field of business that will help students earn college credits from a local accredited college at no charge to students or families. These students will also have the chance to become members of national student organizations such as FBLA and DECA. They can use the knowledge and skills learned in the academy to compete in these organizations locally, and possibly throughout the state or nationally.


Charlotte Aldridge, AMP Academy Lead Teacher
Linda Gee, Digital Information Technology Teacher
Thomas Williams, Web Design Teacher
John Bell, TV Production Teacher
Dustin King, Yearbook Teacher

Environmental Agriculture & Technology Academy

This nationally accredited certified academy offers a unique opportunity to work with animals, promote environmental stewardship, and gain career experience. EATA offers two career technical education tracks: Animal Science and Aquaculture. Animal Science allows students to actively care for and interact with a plethora of animals: emus, horses, rabbits, chickens, cattle, pigs and alpacas. These interactions will encourage students to learn the technical side of agriculture and the skills that come with it. The second track, Aquaculture, creates an experience that combines fish husbandry with aquatic plant production. Students will combine technology and hard work to create a product that can be sold to the public/industry. Florida is the industry leader in ornamental fish production. This track helps students learn the skills necessary to enter and advance this industry. EATA will always strive to introduce, educate and prepare students for a career in agriculture and related industries.

Contacts: Mr. Ogzewalla and Mrs. Ogzewalla

Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Core

Something amazing happens when students enter the Junior ROTC Program. Whatever they do, they begin doing it a little better. You can actually see them
standing a little taller, looking a little more sure of themselves, in how they speak and behave. You see them doing better in school, taking on more responsibilities, getting involved in community service.  Our Cadets are under no obligation to enter the military. In fact, their only obligation is to themselves. We try to help them make the best choices in life for themselves.  This is the only course offered in high school that focuses on teaching students self-discipline, citizenship, patriotism, and leaderships.

Contacts: LTC Phelps, Sgt. Peebles, 1st Sgt. Chishlom and 1st Sgt. Fredrickson

Visual Art Academy

If you like to work with your hands, consider a course with us.  You can make anything with the right tools and practice. We are here to help you create something stunning.

Contacts: Mr. Aho, Ms. Crawford, Ms. Debello and Ms. Randles

Performing Art Academy

Haines City High School Music Department offers many opportunities for you to perform and excel.  Whether you are a singer or instrumentalist there is an ensemble for you.

The Haines City High School Theatre Department is dedicated to the personal development of the student and the values of creative collaboration and ensemble building. The department’s motto—It’s not about you—means that each student’s worth is measured by his or her contribution to the group effort. All students, regardless of natural ability, will expand their comfort zones, challenge their own perceptions, and experiment with creative ideas in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment.

Contacts: Ms. Bowne, Mr. Cleveland, Mrs. Mitchell and Mr. Henry-Dixon

Physical Education

Contacts: Mr. Gee, Ms. Marcum, Mr. Pritchett and Ms. Salary